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Jason Kennedy



Relatives standing with Jason Kennedy to BRING MARILYN BACK HOME!



JASON KENNEDY– Jason is the great grandson of William Nance (William Marion HOGAN). William is Della Mae Monroe’s (HOGAN) brother. Della Mae is Marilyn Monroe’s Grandmother.

SCOTT GIVEN: Scott is the great grandson of Dora Graham Hogan. Gladys Monroe stayed with Dora in 1945 and Norma Jeane visited her mother and Dora and other relatives in Portland Oregon that same year.

GEORGE MONROE– George is the son of Jack Monroe. Jack was listed in Marilyn’s 1962 phone directory. Jack Monroe is the son of Marion Monroe. Marion is Gladys Monroe’s brother. Jack passed away in 2009.

NANCY BIDOL BUTLER– Nancy is the daughter of Ida Mae Monroe. Ida Mae Monroe is the daughter of Marion Monroe. Marion is Gladys Monroe’s brother.


MARGIE MONROE– Margie is the daughter of Jack Monroe. Jack was listed in Marilyn’s 1962 phone directory. Jack Monroe is the son of Marion Monroe. Marion is Gladys Monroe’s brother. Jack passed away in 2009.

WILLIAM HOGAN– William is the son of William Leonard Hogan. His grandfather is William Nance (William Marion Hogan). William Marion Hogan is the brother of Della Mae Monroe (Hogan).







Jason and Jennifer mmf1

Jennifer Jean Miller and I, Jason Kennedy, wrote the book

Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.



Jason Kennedy (Marilyn’s 2nd Cousin) featured in the November 3, 2014 issue of ‘CLOSER Weekly’ Magazine:

 Marilyn Monroe closer Closer Weekly Magazine image


“The first fibbers were Marilyn and Grace Goddard, who made up the first exciting fake stories, because for a Hollywood actor “any publicity is good publicity,” and they feel it is Marilyn and Grace’s responsibility for beginning a trend. Always, Marilyn was a huge kidder!” MONA MIRACLE (Marilyn’s niece): CLICK HERE.

Norma Jeane’s fabricated stories were harmlessly used to build the character of MARILYN MONROE. However the narrative of MARILYN MONROE was hijacked by LEE STRASBERG and ANNA FREUD (ESTATE AND FB PAGE) to cover-up the premeditated financial extortion and murder of Norma Jeane.  For over 50 years they have hoodwinked the Los Angeles Police Department and the PUBLIC. Do not let them steal Marilyn’s history and legacy. Purchase our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History to help us bring justice for Norma Jeane.


Anna Strasberg, the Strasbergs, Authentic Brands Group, the Anna Freud Centre have NO legal right to market Marilyn’s name. A federal court stated, “At issue is whether appellants inherited a right of publicity, which was created and deemed posthumous by the states of California and Indiana decades after her death, through a residual clause in her last will and testament,” 9th Circuit Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw wrote. “The will was subject to probate in the state of New York, which does not recognize a posthumous right of publicity.”

They continue to get away with this because they use Marilyn’s money to bully challengers. They have resorted to trying to use trademark laws to continue to claim Marilyn as their own. And they continue to deny that Marilyn Monroe had family to cover up their crime.

They knew what she was worth and that she could sell her name in 1955- MARILYN MONROE BRAS!

Is this the exact time they learned they didn’t need her alive to profit off of her?!


Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas) 9 May 1955, Mon • Page 7

Corsicana Daily Sun
(Corsicana, Texas)
9 May 1955, Mon • Page 7




Milton Greene was excited about his new Marilyn Monroe photography book project in 1955. He admitted that “Our corporation will publish the book,” referring to Marilyn Monroe and him. Photographs, by the way, that were taken under Marilyn’s company which she owned 50.4 percent of. Then, by 1962, with Marilyn Monroe out of the way——she died, of course—— Milton Greene goes on to claim that he owns 100 percent of those photographs.

He is now able to publish ANY Marilyn Monroe photography book he wants and it all belongs to him. Tsk, Tsk, how does that happen? Why would Marilyn give up 50.4 percent rights to her photographs? Arthur Miller was furious over the contract that Marilyn had with Milton Greene. That is why Marilyn booted Milton out of the company. Yet, Arthur Miller, nor Marilyn ever fought for control over those photographs! Yes, those pictures were worth a gold mine. In fact, “Evelyn West, the Burlesque legend was being paid over $12,000 for a single photograph in 1955! Are we to believe that Marilyn signed her share of those photographs of herself to Milton Greene willingly? Something is very shady about Arthur Miller. Now we know why she was in so much financial trouble. And now we know why Milton Greene is a liar and a thief~

milton-book - Copy1



The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin, 26 May 1957, Sun, Page 23



****Only CULTS try to ERASE A MEMBER’S FAMILY!*****



Veronika Voss: CLICK HERE 

Based on the death of actress Sybille Schmitz: CLICK HERE


 Jason-and-Marilyn - Copy1








 DIAGNOSIS IS A WEAPON! Don’t let them get away with MURDER. They had the power to manipulate Marilyn and they had the power to manipulate the public. The Anna Freud Centre and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute were working TOGETHER to financially extort Marilyn. They MURDERED HER for HER ESTATE! They knew what she was worth in 1955!

Did ANNA FREUD have influence over Marilyn Monroe through Dr. Ralph Greenson? The answer— YES! CLICK HERE. And HERE!




Read Amazon Reviews HERE: 

Diane review


Diane Ratcliffe

This is the book that the hijacked Marilyn Monroe Estate doesn’t want you to read!




REVIEWS of “Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History” used with Permission:

Name: Melissa Eddy

Time: 2016-03-02 12:20:14
Subject: I just read, the new book, and it was great! Love……
Message: I just read, the new book, and it was great! Loved the info on the history of Marilyn, but I am so sorry about how Marilyn was taken over by those people, they took more than her money, her life is what they stole, I am behind her all the way! Will be looking into more books that Mr. Kennedy wrote on Marilyn.



The above photo is the headstone for DORA GRAHAM: Gladys Monroe stayed with Aunt Dora Graham (Hogan). Dora passed away in 1949. Norma Jeane visited Dora and her mother in 1945. With this evidence, there is no question that Norma Jeane knew ALL of her relatives. Dora not only knew about her father TIlford Hogan in Missouri, but also her brother William living in Los Angeles and then in San Bernardino, she also knew about Tilford’s brother and his children who lived in Los Angeles for many years. And she also knew about her son who lived in Los Angeles and also stayed with some Monroe relatives. If Dora knew ALL of this and more, then so did Gladys and Norma Jeane! What has been described in biography after biography as Norma Jeane being shuttled from foster home to foster home is nothing more that a FABRICATED STORY. Relatives were literally everywhere in Los Angeles and Oregon; many only a few miles away when Marilyn was a child and when she was an adult. Norma Jeane KNEW ALL of her family. Further, if Marilyn’s relatives do NOT fit the little orphan stories (they were defamed as being poor, uneducated, migrant farm laborers), then that means that Marilyn lied to the public to promote her movie career!!

This unfortunate career mistake set Marilyn on a path of psychological and physical horror. Marilyn’s orphan stories were used as a weapon against her to provide cover for people who financially extorted her Estate and murdered her!

Read our book, “Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History” to find out what went wrong with Norma Jeane! You are going to find out about all of her relatives, and who had the means and MOTIVE to murder her!

 William Marion Hogan is Jason Kennedy’s great grandfather.  

William Marion Hogan is the brother of Della Mae Hogan, Dora Graham (Hogan), and Myrtle Myers (Hogan). Della Mae Hogan is Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother.

California Death Index (Social Security #: 552-12-3520) for William Marion Hogan: CLICK HERE.

William Marion Hogan’s social security number  on his California Death Index matches the number on his social security application which is displayed below.

Death Certificate for William Marion Hogan: CLICK HERE.

William Marion Hogan’s mother is listed as VIRGINIA.

The following May 6, 1947 Obituary for William Marion Hogan clipping can be found on Search terms “William M. Hogan” then click on the state of California.

Download complete newspaper page: CLICK HERE.

Astute fans of Marilyn Monroe will recognize Dora Graham (Andros/Hogan) from Portland Oregon and Myrtle Myers (Hogan) from Kansas City MO

Dora Graham

Dora Graham’s (Hogan) first husband was Louis Milton Andros.

Louis Milton Andros


The following photo depicts Myrtle Myers (Hogan) and Della Mae Hogan (Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother).



Newspaper death notice for Tilford Marion Hogan. Tilford is Marilyn Monroe’s great grandfather. Two surviving daughters were documented in this notice: Mrs. Andros of California (aka Dora Graham/Hogan). The last name of Andros reflects Dora’s first marriage to Louis Milton Andros. And Mrs. Myers of Kansas City (aka Myrtle Hogan).


Tilford Marion Hogan is listed on the 1880 Federal Census on page 24 at the bottom. CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 24. CV (Charlotte Virginia), Dora and Della Hogan are listed beneath him.

William Marion Hogan is listed on the 1880 Federal Census on page 25 at the top. His name is written as “WM Hogan”. CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 25.

Federal Census documentation can be found on


The following Social Security Number application for William Marion Hogan can be found at Certified copy: CLICK HERE.

William Marion Hogan’s father is documented as Tilford Marion Hogan and his mother as Virginia Nance. William Marion Hogan is Jason Edward Kennedy’s great grandfather.

 William Marion Hogan

This is the book that the hijacked Marilyn Monroe Estate doesn’t want you to read!





Marilyn kiss


MMU BOOK PICTUREHelp us reclaim Marilyn’s legacy from those who stole it and murdered her!

 This explosive and historic must-have book will change the entire way readers view the life and death of Marilyn Monroe. Written by relatives of Marilyn Monroe, the authors painstakingly unravel the myths that have suffocated her legacy for over 50 years. These myths have been regurgitated in biography after biography, depicting Marilyn as an orphan girl and leaving her expansive lineage out of the equation.

The facts support that Marilyn was surrounded with family, and many members were upstanding citizens who contributed greatly to their communities. However, Hollywood, Marilyn’s New York “friends,” and her therapists insulated Marilyn in order to profit off of the ultimate “Cinderella Story.”
That story was the myth of Marilyn Monroe, which was created to suffocate the truth behind Norma Jeane Mortenson and her family history. It was eventually this forged fairy-tale path and this cast of characters that squeezed funds out of Marilyn Monroe, as well as the final breaths out of the legendary star. The heirs of the opportunists who fleeced Marilyn of both her life and earnings still garner monies through her name today.


During her early career Marilyn Monroe was claiming and was marketed as being an ORPHAN; without parents.

The Bakersfield Californian
(Bakersfield, California)
20 Nov 1948, Sat • Page 4




Southern Illinoisan, 12 May 1951, Sat, Page 1



 mm orphan

Marilyn claimed to be an ORPHAN until that story was DEBUNKED.

Lubbock Evening Journal
(Lubbock, Texas)
5 Aug 1952, Tue • Page 21




Marilyn then apologized for her false claim, however, it did not stop her claim of an abused childhood. What is now called “Marilyn Monroe’s Orphan Stories” would carry her throughout her career and continue to sell her rags to riches Orphan Annie/Cinderella drama to the public.


The Daily Times
(New Philadelphia, Ohio)
12 Jun 1952, Thu • Page 20



Over the years, the defamation of Marilyn’s family and family history would be exposed as exaggerations and outright fabrications, however,  the orphan myths were notoriously difficult to debunk, not because facts didn’t exist, but because those that marketed Marilyn would continue to perpetuate the orphan stories in the media.

It has been reported that Marilyn Monroe’s family and family history went unreported in newspapers because her relatives were nothing more that migrant, uneducated farm labors. That narrative is FALSE! Our book exposes the lies using public documents and newspaper clippings of relatives.  


This is the book that the hijacked Marilyn Monroe Estate doesn’t want you to read!





Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio-

Love in Japan, Korea& Beyond.






If you are a Marilyn Fan you might recognize the above photo as Norma Jeane’s great grandparents. However, this photo has been misidentified. The public picture of what was thought to be Tilford Hogan fads to the original unreleased photograph.

In fact, much of the stories you have heard about


Norma Jeane’s life are exaggerations and movie magazine yellow journalism.

Marilyn Monroe is a character that Norma Jeane played and was manufactured by Hollywood studios in order to promote an orphan Annie and/or a Cinderella Story.

This fact helped to cover up a crime that was committed by Lee Strasberg, Dr. Margaret Hohenberg, Dr. Marianne Kris, Dr. Ralph Greenson, Anna Freud, Arthur Miller, Milton Greene, and a few other minor players.

Since 1955 they were after Norma Jeane’s Estate. When Norma Jeane died in 1962 they got what they wanted.

Stay tuned for my up and coming book ‘THE SURGEON STORY’.


While the principle parties have since past away, their estates still continue to profit from the Estate of Norma Jeane.



Anna Freud and Dr. Ralph Greenson, with full knowledge and collusion conspired to manipulate Greenson’s patients Lita Annenberg Hazen and Barbara Anderson for money to fund the Anna Freud Foundation for a permanent psychiatric cure. And they did the same thing to NORMA JEANE (aka MARILYN MONROE).


Marilyn Monroe Innocence Lost






Goodreads reviews for Marilyn Monroe Unveiled

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