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Welcome to the Official Marilyn Monroe Website!  I am Jason Kennedy (LinkedIn profile), Marilyn Monroe’s 2nd Cousin. I am currently updating the new MarilynMonroeFamily.com website.



Jason Kennedy


Featured in the November 3, 2014 issue of ‘CLOSER Weekly’ Magazine:



Marilyn Monroe closer




Closer Weekly Magazine





If you are a Marilyn Fan you might recognize the above photo as Norma Jeane’s great grandparents. However, this photo has been misidentified. The public picture of what was thought to be Tilford Hogan fads to the original unreleased photograph.

In fact, much of the stories you have heard about

Norma Jeane’s life are exaggerations and movie magazine yellow journalism.

Marilyn Monroe is a character that Norma Jeane played and was manufactured by Hollywood studios in order to promote an orphan Annie and/or a Cinderella Story.

This fact helped to cover up a crime that was committed by Lee Strasberg, Dr. Margaret Hohenberg, Dr. Marianne Kris, Dr. Ralph Greenson, Anna Freud, Arthur Miller, Milton Greene, and a few other minor players.

Since 1955 they were after Norma Jeane’s Estate. When Norma Jeane died in 1962 they got what they wanted.

Stay tuned for my up and coming book ‘THE SURGEON STORY’.

While the principle parties have since past away, their estates still continue to profit from the Estate of Norma Jeane.



Anna Freud and Dr. Ralph Greenson, with full knowledge and collusion conspired to manipulate Greenson’s patients Lita Annenberg Hazen and Barbara Andersonfor money to fund the Anna Freud Foundation for a permanent psychiatric cure.





Marilyn Monroe

Strange coincidences between Evanescence | Bring Me Back to Life | and the SURGEON STORY.








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