Dreamers and Schemers


About Marilyn’s relatives,

in 1960 Maurice Zolotow stated

“…they were poor people and their lives went unreported in the newspapers” and “the fragments of available date compose a mosaic of misery, mental disorder, and violent death.”

Ted Schwarz stated

“…they were dreamers and schemers, of course but they were also sexual libertines and self-righteous conservatives, self-taught scholars and illiterates proud of their lack of knowledge, religious zealots and ardent nonbelievers.

As soon as you bring up Marilyn’s “mental issues,” the public is preconditioned to view Marilyn’s relatives as problematic. This defamation places a wall between Marilyn and her relatives and in fact was started by Marilyn and Grace McKee Goddard. Unfortunately, Lee Strasberg and the Freudians hijacked this narrative to convince the public and police that Marilyn had no family. And additionally, that if Marilyn did have family, they were societal deviants in every negative sense of the word….and that gave the public a sort of “moral authority” to disregard relatives if they did come forward. It also gave the Strasberg’s and Freudians the moral authority to convince the public and police that they were Marilyn’s family and that they were only trying to help the poor emotional and unstable Marilyn. And Marilyn, of course, was unstable because of her bad childhood. This is exactly why the public and police never challenged what was really going on behind-the-scenes when Marilyn died and never challenged why the Strasberg and Freudians obtained her estate. I hope this makes clear why it is important to demonstrate exactly who Marilyn’s relatives were and why these exaggeration and fabrications about Marilyn’s family are important to debunk.

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