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Angela Atkinson and Bill Atkinson are not related to Marilyn Monroe

Angela Atkinson’s husband Bill is NOT related to Marilyn Monroe. I have already spoken to Angela Atkinson many months ago about any family relationship and yet she continues to push this false narrative. Bill took a DNA test and he came up as a possible cousin to my great grandmother CLARA SLOUGH. My Great grandmother Clara is NOT related to Marilyn. We have a lot of family history on Clara’s side but Angela does NOT want to discuss that. She is using Marilyn’s name to promote her own agenda. I understand Bill is trying to find his birth mother, but by continuing this deception Angela doesn’t care about the facts that I can provide nor about finding Bill’s mother.


Angie Atkinson

“barbmika,” a SLOUGH relative, came up positive on Bill Atkinson’s DNA test results.

However, a descendant of Della Mae Hogan (Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother), who also took a DNA test, did NOT come up as a shared match between William Atkinson and Rebecca Hogan.



 DNA Circles are hypothetical: These circles are created directly from your DNA and your family tree in a five-step process. They only require ONE matched individual by DNA. The matched individual is SLOUGH. then searches BOTH family trees (yours and mine) looking for ancestors who appear to be the same person. SO, if you have ADDED your husband Bill attached to OUR relatives on the HOGAN SIDE in your tree, then OF COURSE Bill will show up in these DNA circles. 


After Jason Kennedy proved that Bill Atkinson was NOT related to Marilyn, Angie hash-tagged Jason in a very rude way. Angie and Bill Atkinson continue to promote that Bill is related to Marilyn Monroe.







Also: he is 2nd cousin to Rebecca, 3rd to Norm and your mother. 4th to Debby.

On Jan 29, 2015 7:52 AM, “Angie Atkinson” <> wrote:

Bill is 42. Born in 1972. I will send access to my findings when I get back from my workout this morning. Maybe we can talk on the phone or via Google hangouts/Skype and I can just show you. Let me know your thoughts. I should return within a couple hours. Talk to you soon.

On Jan 29, 2015 7:49 AM, “Jason” <> wrote:

Angie, I haven’t seen any evidence at this point. No offense to my mother, but whatever she may have confirmed, she doesn’t know how and has not sent me a link of images and/or results — and neither have you. If you can send me screenshots or links, that would be appreciated. I am the one who is most versed in family genealogy. I am in personal contact with many relatives, both near and far. You don’t know who your husbands mother or father is, yet you are making a claim that he is related to Norma Jeane through the maternal line. If the best evidence you have is that there is a close (3rd or 4th cousin) DNA match to Rebecca, that is not enough to claim a relation to Marilyn (the odds would be 50 percent or less). In other words, there is no evidence which line he is related to.  Could be Hogan, could be Slough. If he is related to Hogan side it is more likely on the Nance side or other, more distant Hogans. We did have relatives living in Kansas City Missouri during the 1940’s. Furthermore, I do have contact to living Nance relatives. However, he could be related to the Slough side…and that is another issue. If you really want to try to trace his close family, I might be able to help. The problem I have, is that you made an unsupported claim on your blog post. I would be grateful if you would remove it until we can make a proper determination. The problem is that people have made a lot of false claims and we are trying to keep some form of control on it. One gal claims she is Norma Jeane’s daughter and they are Italian…. Go figure that! LoL. If you really want help, then I can help.

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On Jan 28, 2015, at 6:26 PM, Angie Atkinson <> wrote:

Your mother, Debby and several other family members have seen the DNA results and confirmed. In fact, I learned this fact from them.

You are welcome to view them on the sites mentioned. I am not attempting to profit from the name, unlike many people.

I didn’t seek out your family. Bill’s DNA results caused them to reach out to me. Not trying to in any way take anything from you. The fact is that my husband is your relative. Nice to meet you.

On Jan 28, 2015 3:17 PM, “Jason” <> wrote:

Angela, the only way Della could be a great grandmother is if her grandchildren on Marion’s side had an undocumented child. Jack, Ida Mae, and Elizabeth or their children have never indicated anything like that. And there is not enough evidence on your side to suggest otherwise. Furthermore, the title on your article could not be true:

“Marilyn Monroe’s cousin is my husband’s birth mom: What I want to say to her”

Angela, I’m not trying to be mean, but just going by what evidence has been presented. If your husband is related to my Grandmother, then he could just as likely be related to her mothers side as father. If you can email me copies of his DNA test results, then I can get a clearer picture of the situation. In my opinion, you should hold off making the Marilyn connection, before you have all of the evidence. Marilyn does indeed have more relatives on the Nance side and Hogan side. And certainly, her fathers side, whomever her father was…. I do find the DNA results intriguing…

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On Jan 28, 2015, at 2:05 PM, Angela Atkinson <> wrote:

No worries, I was not attempting to convince you. Delta may have been the great gmail, I wasn’t looking at the dna results when I emailed. Anyway, thanks for the email. Good luck with your book. 🙂

On January 27, 2015, at 9:33 PM, Jason <> wrote:

Sorry Angie,  this makes no sense…. There is no possible way Della Hogan is your husbands grandmother…just based on age alone. Moreover,  if there is a DNA connection between my grandmother (which according to my mother is at a 3rd or 4th cousin), it could just as easily be from her mothers side as well as father. So unless you have other evidence, I am not convinced of a Marilyn connection. 

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On Jan 27, 2015, at 9:25 PM, Angie Atkinson <> wrote:

Are you on any of the DNA sites? We have results on, FTDNA and GEDMATCH. Maybe one more but I can’t remember. I think he’s on the Hogan side since your mom and Norn are 3rd cousins by DNA and your gma was a 2nd cousin. It would indicate that Della is his grandma, according to what I’ve found so far.



On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 8:23 PM, Jason <> wrote:

I would need to see the DNA test results and I would need to see more family names… Which side of the family do you think your husband is related to?

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On Jan 27, 2015, at 8:24 PM, Angie Atkinson <> wrote:

It’s not me, it’s my husband. I will email later tonight after my meeting to fill you in! 🙂 I knew you were related.

On Jan 27, 2015 7:14 PM, “Jason” <> wrote:

How do you think you are related?

I am related to her…

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Angela Atkinson



Did Angela Atkinson and her husband Bill defraud ?

The Search for Marilyn’s Cousin


Dreamers and Schemers


About Marilyn’s relatives,

in 1960 Maurice Zolotow stated

“…they were poor people and their lives went unreported in the newspapers” and “the fragments of available date compose a mosaic of misery, mental disorder, and violent death.”

Ted Schwarz stated

“…they were dreamers and schemers, of course but they were also sexual libertines and self-righteous conservatives, self-taught scholars and illiterates proud of their lack of knowledge, religious zealots and ardent nonbelievers.

As soon as you bring up Marilyn’s “mental issues,” the public is preconditioned to view Marilyn’s relatives as problematic. This defamation places a wall between Marilyn and her relatives and in fact was started by Marilyn and Grace McKee Goddard. Unfortunately, Lee Strasberg and the Freudians hijacked this narrative to convince the public and police that Marilyn had no family. And additionally, that if Marilyn did have family, they were societal deviants in every negative sense of the word….and that gave the public a sort of “moral authority” to disregard relatives if they did come forward. It also gave the Strasberg’s and Freudians the moral authority to convince the public and police that they were Marilyn’s family and that they were only trying to help the poor emotional and unstable Marilyn. And Marilyn, of course, was unstable because of her bad childhood. This is exactly why the public and police never challenged what was really going on behind-the-scenes when Marilyn died and never challenged why the Strasberg and Freudians obtained her estate. I hope this makes clear why it is important to demonstrate exactly who Marilyn’s relatives were and why these exaggeration and fabrications about Marilyn’s family are important to debunk.