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In 1945 Gladys Monroe stayed with her aunt Dora Graham (maiden name Hogan) in Portland Oregon.  Dora was the daughter of Tilford Marion Hogan and Charlotte Virginia (Jennie) Nance. Dora was the sister of Della Mae Hogan (Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother), William Marion Hogan (Jason Kennedy’s great grandfather), Myrtle Myers (Hogan), and James Hogan.


Dora Graham Hogan, her son Milton Stores Andros, and her husband Louis Milton Andros





Louis Milton Andros

On a road trip with Andre de Dienes, Norma Jeane visited Dora and her mother Gladys in 1945. That same year in Portland Oregon, Jason Kennedy’s grandmother, Rebecca Esther Hogan (Becky Fritz), Gladys Monroe’s first cousin and Dora’s niece had her first child in Portland Oregon.


Rebecca Esther Hogan (Becky Fritz)





Norma Jeane with Andre de Dienes

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Dora Graham Hogan had four children, one child passed away while an infant, Tilford Bruce. Her other children were Dorothy Bruce, Milton Stores Andros, and her daughter Georgia Marie Andros. Georgia’s child Cynthia J Andrist is Scott Given’s mother.




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Scott Given is Dora Graham Hogan’s great-grandson.

Here is a family photo of Scott (on the right) with his brother and the rest of his family during the 1980’s.





Scott Given