HOGAN, Ethel Josephine

Ethel Josephine Hogan

She is Della Mae Monroe‘s first cousin. She married Dr. Joseph Pette Copp. Dr. Copp was a Dentist.

Dr. Joseph Pettee Copp was born in Los Angeles, California September 4, 1881. He was the son of Andrew James Copp Sr. and Carrie Pettee Bostwick. Andrew James Copp Sr. was a lawyer. Among his many accomplishments he was made chairman of the committee on the unemployed by the City Council of Los Angeles in 1893-1884.


Ethel Hogan Copp


See documentation for Ethel Hogan/Copp HERE and HERE.

To find out who Ethel Hogan was see our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.


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