Family Defamation

This page is dedicated to those who defamed Marilyn Monroe’s family and family history and to those who defame Marilyn’s cousin Jason Kennedy.

What is the nature and context of the defamation?

Marilyn Monroe’s family and relatives have been historical described as uneducated, lowly, day laborers, who could not find success even if they tried. For example, in 1960 Maurice Zolotow stated “they were poor people and their lives went unreported in the newspapers” and “the fragments of available date compose a mosaic of misery, mental disorder, and violent death.” Ted Schwarz stated they were dreamers and schemers, of course but they were also sexual libertines and self-righteous conservatives, self-taught scholars and illiterates proud of their lack of knowledge, religious zealots and ardent nonbelievers.” As a result of these unsupported insults, the public has has been preconditioned to view Marilyn’s relatives as problematic and in fact, abusive by the mere negative classification of their commonly understood socio-economic statuses. This preconditioned understanding of Marilyn Monroe’s relatives are magnified when rumors of religious extremism and/or sexual abuse are taken as fact. If Marilyn Monroe’s relatives are indeed religious and/or sexual deviants and if they abused a little Norma Jeane then they, of course, are bad people. Ardent fans of Marilyn Monroe then can justify a sort of “moral authority” to suppress, counter, and defame Marilyn’s relatives if they should happen to go public. It is often stated, “They must be after Marilyn Monroe’s money! Where were they when Norma Jeane was a child and needed help?”

This unfortunate dynamic (which is debunked in our book: CLICK HERE) was picked up and exploited by Lee Strasberg and cohorts of Anna Freud early in 1955. Fabricated fan magazine stories that were initially crafted by Grace McKee Goddard and Marilyn herself and used as a means of self-promotion, added a convenient cover to divert public scrutiny against any claim of undue influence and/or murder by Lee Strasberg and the Freudians. It was a brilliant use of misdirection. They were able to manage the audience’s (public’s) attention; it was nothing more than theatrical magic to cover-up their crime. The general public was motivated to accept the false narrative that Marilyn Monroe had no family and if she did have family, then they were abusive .

In other words, if Marilyn Monroe’s childhood was tragic, then of course, Marilyn needed a team of psychotherapist to help her overcome any psychological trauma. And in fact, even Lee Strasberg bragged that he could “fix” Marilyn Monroe of her problems. They were able to convince the public and the police that they were only trying to help her. Even If Marilyn Monroe’s death was highly suspicious,  they could easily claim that they did all they could, she had many emotional problems. And that is exactly what happened.

This is one aspect of family defamation.

Another aspect is that Jason Kennedy is a fraud and/or attempting to scam the public and he is attempting to take advantage of Marilyn Monroe to make money. Fortunately, our book “Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History” is highly documented and full of accurate and fully public sources, including Jason’s family relation to Marilyn Monroe. Additional, Jason Kennedy’s lineage can be traced below with public facts that can be traced by anyone.

In a final aspect, there is a “Marilyn Community” which includes the hijacked “Estate of Marilyn Monroe” which is ran by Authentic Brands Group (Anna Freud Center and Lee Strasberg’s descendants) and other various “fan” groups (who appear to be affiliated with that hijacked “Estate of Marilyn Monroe”) who do not want the orphan story and/or the death theory (suicide/Kennedy and/or the mob) narrative of Marilyn Monroe to die. They continue to make money based on these narratives. They have ignored the evidence presented and have essentially blackballed Jason Kennedy from their groups.

Some individuals have taken a hit and run style of attacking Jason Kennedy.

In order to effectively “prove” someone is wrong or inaccurate you must be able to state your opposition with clear evidence that counters any claim that Jason unveils rather than personal, hit and run insults. Feckless and baseless accusations will be documented here so the public can see how absurd some of these personal attacks are. If you intend to defame Marilyn’s family then know that your public and easily accessible profile and information will be posted here. All we ask is that if you cannot base your insults on facts, then please refrain from attacking. We fully expect and hope that the public reads our book with a critical eye. We know that the public will have no choice but realize that Marilyn Monroe’s family (and family history) are not the people described by countless “BIOGRAPHERS” for over fifty years. We are reclaiming turf and exposing those that financially exploited Marilyn Monroe and MURDERED her! It matters today because the descendants of and organizations founded by Lee Strasberg and Anna Freud still profit from their control of Marilyn’s legacy. We want justice for Norma Jeane and the public should stand with us to help acquire it. We do not want the Strasberg family and the Anna Freud Centre to continue to profit from their crime.





Who is Jason Kennedy? CLICK HERE





NOTE: After reviewing the FACTS, If you publicly apologize for defaming Marilyn’s family I will add your apology here beneath your defamatory public remark.

Donald Spoto: 

Biographer Donald Spoto wrote about Tilford Marion Hogan. Tilford is Marilyn Monroe’s great grandfather:

” his empathetic nature was perhaps all the more remarkable since his entire adult life was blighted by severe rheumatoid arthritis and chronic respiratory infections, conditions exacerbated by hard labor, poor diet and a ceaseless rhythm of poverty.”

Spoto offer no evidence for this claim.

FACT: Tilford Marion Hogan originated from a prominent family line. His uncles and cousins were active judges, doctors, lawyers, they  were into politics and additionally they were well known farmers. Tilford Hogan himself was a Democratic county delegate, a municipal judge, in addition, he operated and owned his own farm and was an active real estate investor. He worked closely with his sister Mary Mahurin. Newspapers in Missouri printed much of Tilford’s activity. It is all documented in our book: Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.


TIME magazine:

Ida Bolender– Gladys Monroe and Norma Jeane rented a room from Ida and her husband Wayne.  Ida provided “nanny” functions for Norma Jeane as Gladys worked as a single mother for approximately nine years. Ida was loosely defamed in the early fan magazines of Marilyn Monroe’s life. However, in 1956 she was directly defamed in the TIME magazine cover story on Marilyn. She received a payoff from TIME magazine to not pursue a defamation case against them. This is documented with FACTS in our book: Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.

Heidi Starr (aka My GiftGo Card):

Heidi decided to defame our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History . Heidi provides no evidence to counter Jason Kennedy’s claim. If Heidi can provide evidence of fraudulent actively she can Join and defend her slanderous attack.

Heidi Starr email search

Update: Heidi Starr claims that the posted internet sources do not refer to her, but to a different Heidi Starr. Unfortunately for Heidi, her email address is the same as the Heidi Starr who is currently a radio host at KVMR-FM in Nevada City. And in fact, the location of Nevada City, California is the same city that is on her negative review of Jason and Jennifer’s book.
In the below email address to Jason Kennedy, HEIDI STARR (her name is automatically generated on personal emails sent to Jason Kennedy) is attempting to make the case that Jason Kennedy is related to Marilyn Monroe through HER????! Now wait… Heidi Starr gave a negative review on our book. She publicly implied that she read our book. Yet, Heidi Starr thinks that Jason is claiming he is related to Marilyn THROUGH HER!
Heidi Starr if you would have read then you would know that Jason Kennedy is related to Marilyn through his great-grandfather William Marion Hogan. William is Della Hogan’s brother. Della Hogan is Marilyn’s grandmother. And that means, Heidi Starr, that YOU DID NOT READ Jason and Jennifer’s book because it is clearly laid out in our book as well. Heidi Starr, this is not a hit list. This list is to hold you accountable for your public statements of defamation. Jason’s sources are public so researches can verify any claims that are made by him.
Heidi Starr, Jason uses,,, and other official sites to source documentation. You can look up every single  document Jason has presented. Heidi Starr, you have NOT read our book, so how can you claim it is “shit”? You can’t…


Heidi Starr’s facebook page is located here: 




Heidi Starr web cache


Heidi star she is the scam



nevada city




Forest Activists Sentenced for Ca. Logging Protests

NEVADA CITY, California, January 25, 2001 (ENS) – Five members of the nonviolent direction action group Yuba Nation were sentenced Wednesday in Nevada County Superior Court for disrupting logging on Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) property last year.

The activists, Brian Vincent, Heidi Starr, Lori Largent, Megan Petit and Alejandra Lejune, were arrested last summer for protesting the timber company’s project along the Yuba River. As part of a plea bargain reached today, the activists agreed to pay restitution to Robinson Enterprises, Inc., the contractor hired by SPI to log the area, as well as two years probation and work release.

Vincent was also sentenced to 10 days in the county jail. In return, District Attorney Michael Ferguson agreed to drop some charges against the activists, including conspiracy charges against Vincent and Starr for their roles in the protests.

The amount the activists will be ordered to pay Robinson will be determined at a later hearing. Despite today’s legal consequences, the nonviolent direct action group vowed to continue their campaign against SPI.

“These charges will not have any chilling effect on my commitment to exposing Sierra Pacific Industries’ crimes against nature. SPI has not heard the last from us,” said Vincent, who blocked a logging road last June by sitting atop a 40 foot tripod. Another activist locked herself underneath a logging truck while Vincent was in the tripod.

Two weeks after the tripod action, Starr and Largent locked themselves to logging equipment, while Lejune climbed a tree and Pettit provided food and support to the others. Vincent has vowed to go on a hunger strike during his incarceration next month.

“Today’s legal resolution will only strengthen my resolve to bringing SPI to justice. Fighting for the forests is no crime. It is a noble and just pursuit,” said Vincent.


Update: Now it makes sense. Heidi Starr hanging out with Marijane Grey (aka Janie Amato)




hEIDI sTARR fraud

Reinvent Genealogy? Sorry, but ANYONE can find my genealogy on NEWSPAPERS.COM and any other document search site, such as ANCESTRY.COM.  Just click HERE for the most important obituary for my great grandfather- WILLIAM MARION HOGAN!


 Marijane Gray (aka Janie Amato):

Marijane Gray claims to be a self-described “Marilyn” expert without any academic credentials. She works with the “Immortal Marilyn” fan club. 


All of your insults Marijane Gray are nothing more than defaming personal attacks. You have not challenged me on any of the evidence presented, instead all you have done, along with April Vevea, is call me names and perform character assassination! 

April Vevea:

The following documents defamation by April Vevea against Jason Kennedy.

Facebook: CLICK HERE


April VeVea 6

April Vevea Jason is scam artist

 April Vevea, a member of the IMMORTAL MARILYN, trashy tabloids is exactly what 50 plus years of so called biographers have regurgitated, including you, which you so kindly discuss in your statement above. In your above statement you regurgitate exactly the tabloid narrative of Marilyn’s life! And that narrative is FALSE! We debunk that narrative in our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History. You accuse Jason Kennedy of making money off of Marilyn. Yet, that is EXACTLY what you are doing while defaming him! In your statement you defamed Jason Kennedy by calling him a scam artist. You defamed Jason Kennedy by calling him scum and his scummy family. Thanks for telling the world WHY you defamed Jason Kennedy.

Joan Greenson (daughter of Dr. Ralph Greenson) See video: click HERE: 

Joan Greenson is the daughter of Doctor Ralph Greenson. Their family lied to cover-up their agenda to financially extort Marilyn Monroe and murder her.



These are clubs that continue to support the continued propaganda of the hijacked ESTATE OF Marilyn Monroe. They have demonstrated no interest in the FACTS, but continue to regurgitate fabrication after fabrication and they continue to blackball Jason Kennedy.

  1. IMMORTAL MARILYN – and their FACEBOOK page- and their on FACEBOOK: Immortal Marilyn’s Death Deliberation Roundtable.

    Carl Rollyson



    You creep me

Frasher Pen

Jason Kennedy continues to stand firm against these insults and false accusations. There is not one screenshot that these people can produce that can backup their claims. Everything posted and in our book is verifiable. Please take the time to do your research before you make baseless attacks. The Immortal Marilyn fan club is a scam and they care nothing about Marilyn Monroe.