Family Lineage for Jason Kennedy

Karen A Denderson
Karen A Henderson
Karen A Kennedy
Karen A Marquardt
Karen A Weigand
Karen A Wiegand
Karen Ann Henderson
Karen Ann Jackman
Karen Ann Kennedy
Karen Ann Marquardt
Karen F Fine
Karen F Fritz
Karen F Rowe
Karen Fine
Karen Fritz Fine
Karen Fritz Rowe
Karen K Weigand
Karen K Wiegand
Karen Kennedy
Karen L Fine
Karen L Morris
Karen L Morrisfine
Karen M Rowe
Karen May Rowe
Karen Morris Fine
Karen Rowe
Karen Rowe Fine
Karenann A Kennedy

  • Why does Karen Fine have multiple Facebook profiles but with different names? Seriously?  What is up with all of these identities?  What are they trying to hide? Misleading questions. There are NOT multiple identities as stated above.   Unfortunately, Karen May Fritz forgot her password and/or got somehow locked out of her account and instead of trying to retrieve her passwords, she created another account a few times. No mystery there. And certainly not hiding anything. In fact, we have been very forthcoming with personal information.
  • So here is the question: Why does her passport say her middle name is MAY…but her profile says her middle name is MAE? Karen’s birth certificate spells her middle name as MAY. Jason’s birth certificate spells it as MAE. Karen signs her name as MAE as demonstrated on Jason birth certificate. No great mystery there. And no intent to deceive. Karen’s grandmother Clara MAY Slough appears to have use the spelling of MAY and MAE for her middle name on different documentation. Therefore, while I agree Karen’s middle name should be spelled MAY, it has been spelled as MAE. Therefore, no intent to deceive. 
  • Why has the Tilford Marion Hogan/Charlotte Virginia Nance family tree graphic that Jason uses on his website been altered? Because I generated the entire tree. I have populated the tree with relatives, both deceased and living. I have obtained permission from living relatives to name them on my self-generated family tree. No mystery there. The family tree I made.
  • Why are there photos of different women on Rebecca Fritz Landers Hogan’s and profiles? Don’t these look like two different women? People change as they age but come on! These just can’t be the same person. People don’t change THAT much. ANSWER: YES, these two photo’s are REBECCA ESTHER HOGAN. She passed away shortly after the latter photo was taken on December 23, 2014. She was 87 years young: Find-a-Grave- memorial.


  • Honestly, if you really were related to Marilyn Monroe, why didn’t she stay with YOU instead of all of the foster families? ANSWER: Marilyn did NOT have multiple foster families. Yes, the biographers lied and manipulated Marilyn’s story. From 1926 to 1935 Norma Jeane lived with HER MOTHER and Ida Bolender. The 1930 census list both Gladys and Norma Jeane as BORDERS.  Also, TIMES reporter Ezra Goodman interviewed Ida Bolender and verified that this was indeed the case.  When Marilyn’s mother became ill in 1935, she chose to have Marilyn stay with her best friend since 1921-Grace McKee Goddard. Grace became Norma Jeane’s legal guardian. Gladys NEVER gave up her parental rights.  Grace lied on court documents when she stated that no other relatives lived in the state of California. Rebecca Esther Hogan stated that her mother and father attempted to have Norma Jeane stay with them but GLadys rejected. Everyone wanted to take care of Norma Jeane as past down by relatives.
  • You’re all happy to get her estate now, but where were you then?  ANSWER: Relatives were all over Los Angeles and other states. No one was hiding or avoiding Norma Jeane. Cousins were in fact interacting at different times. As we have proved in our book “Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History” Marilyn’s relatives were NOT the people described by countless biographers who took creative license to fill in the gaps they didn’t have any documentation to support.
  • What’s the motivation for this scheme? Take a guess… MONEY! Below is a comment Jason’s mama left for Anna Strasberg…asking for money.  ANSWER: We have exposed the conspiracy to extort Marilyn Monroe’s Estate by Lee Strasberg, MIlton Greene, Anna Freud, Dr. Ralph Greenson, Dr. Marianna Kris, Dr. Margit Hohenberg, and Dr. Kurt Eissler. A conspiracy that required them to MURDER Marilyn to obtain her estate to fund the Anna Freud Center and to fund the Lee Strasberg theater and film institute. Means and Motive have been proven by the evidence we have collected. What have you done lately to hold them accountable for financial extortion and murder? I have been clear from the beginning: Marilyn Monroe’s estate should default to Marilyn’s sister and niece (Berniece and Mona Miracle). Would you accuse them of going after Marilyn’s money too? The public and media never pursued the claim of undue influence in 1962 by Lee Strasberg and/or Dr. Marianne Kris by Marilyn’s sister Bernice and her business manager Inez Melson. The public and the media went along with a Will that was clearly biased in favor of an acting coach and a psychotherapist who had EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO MANIPULATE MARILYN AND HAD THE TOOLS TO DO IT ; no one batted an eye to clear unethical problems with that transfer. Unfortunately, my mother (who has health issues) didn’t understand the role Lee Strasberg played in Marilyn’s extortion and murder and exactly how Anna Strasberg obtained Marilyn’s estate. Therefore, her comment on a blog were ill conceived and were a reaction to the fact that Anna Strasberg received 75 percent of Marilyn’s estate and had zero relationship to Marilyn. She should have never begged for money from Anna Strasberg but should have demanded the release of Marilyn’s estate! Further and more pointedly, Marilyn’s relatives never had the media power nor the evidence to make public statements about Marilyn nor her death. It is a fact that Marilyn hid all of her relatives from the public and that they have been etched from history by a vicious media machine that WANTED to keep relative suppressed from the public. The sycophants and suckerfish designed the system so THEY could continue to profit from Marilyn’s image. Selling the image of a Cinderella story  AND keeping relatives at bay was their agenda. Today that has changed. I make no excuses. IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME MARILYN’s RELATIVES MAKE MONEY OFF OF HER. In fact, we will attempt  to take the  business Marilyn created back at every opportunity from the sycophants and suckerfish who murdered her and now think that business belongs to them! I make no excuses for ANY of Marlyn’s relatives making money. And further we will HOLD ACCOUNTABLE the Anna Freud Foundation and the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute for financial extortion and murder of Marilyn Monroe!


More coming soon….


Karen Mae Fritz was born April 4, 1949
Amherst, New York, USA, NY, USA
Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate
Rebecca was born in the same hospital as Norma Jeane
about 7 months after on January 1927.
Rebecca is Gladys Monroe's first cousin. 
Della Mae Hogan is Rebecca's aunt.
The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 6 BIRTH CERTIFICATE Proof of Marriage
William Marion Hogan

Della Mae Hogan's brother.

Gladys Monroe is his niece.
Birth Certificate
Della Mae Hogan
Marilyn Monroe's grandmother
William Marion Hogan's sister
The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 6
The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 6
and son William Leonard Hogan
The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 6