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Let’s be clear. Fan groups or Fan websites do NOT begin a campaign to defame people and suppress Marilyn Monroe family facts, unless they are attempting to alter public opinion for their own financial benefit. That makes them a shady business and not a fan club! In fact, only CULTS set out to ERASE  a person’s family!  I am publicly calling out Anna Strasberg, Joshua Greene, Scott Fortner, Greg Schreiner, and Mary Sims for continuing to publicly suppress Marilyn Monroe’s family from the public!

 These groups are using Marilyn’s name and image to market their books, and their collections to the public, their Marilyn tours to the public while they are actively attempting to defame Marilyn’s 2nd cousin Jason Kennedy and Jennifer Jeane Miller. They are suppressing our book, “Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.


It is NOT acceptable for anyone to call Jason a liar and/or con artist and then tell Jason that he is the one with the problem. None of the staff at any of these groups, being the self-described experts that they claim to be, can provide any evidence that Jason’s sources are inaccurate, fraudulent, or otherwise deceiving.

They attempt to use their “expert opinion” to bamboozle the public.


Jason Kennedy is holding them accountable because they are doing the same thing that Lee Strasberg, Milton Greene, and the Freudian doctors did to Marilyn Monroe. They boast and lie that Marilyn had no family, all the while they are marketing her name and image for their own financial benefit! Enough!




NUMBER ONE: Start a fan group based on the most popular and significant actress of the 20th century.


NUMBER TWO: Build a reputation based on love and concern for said actress.

NUMBER THREE: They create themselves as community experts by continuing to pad the internet with written articles.

NUMBER FOUR: They give themselves titles such as “Marilyn Monroe Historian” and claim they have “studied” Marilyn Monroe for many years.

NUMBER FIVE: Don’t worry because they control the narrative and said actress has no relatives who will challenge the authority that they have created for themselves and their fan club.

NUMBER SIX: Accept newly written books that perpetuate the “Marilyn” myth for a percentage of the profits and use the media presence built up by the previous steps to promote those books.

NUMBER SEVEN: You now have multiple community member “experts” as a part of their fan club, those experts can now have their name in the books they are promoting to further promote their “expert” positions. Now the group can write multiple positive reviews of the books they are profiting off of. Positive reviews don’t necessarily guarantee a successful book, but they can persuade some people to purchase those books they are promoting and that means profits. This is a very disingenuous way to promote their books.

NUMBER EIGHT: This group controls the market. This group has the “experts.” This group controls the narrative in those books. This group can’t be challenged because they aggressively browbeat anyone who challenges the narrative they control. This group can now promote and sell books for a profit.




Marilyn Monroe’s Family Goes Public.

Marilyn’s 2nd cousin Jason Kennedy joins Immortal Marilyn fan club. Jason states that he can add to Marilyn’s story.

Jason begins to disclose new information about Marilyn’s Family History.

Jason Kennedy is immediately blackballed from their club.

Jason initially thinks they are skeptical and releases more information.

Still they do not care.

They begin to use their “expert” status to begin a campaign to defame the character of Jason Kennedy

See THIS page for documented defamation.

With his wife Jennifer Jean Miller, Jason Kennedy releases Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History

The Immortal Marilyn fan club continues to aggressively defame Jason and Jennifer’s book.

None of them talk about the content of our book, they only perform character assassinations using name calling and personal insults.

They do NOT want this information to get out because it destroys the narrative they THINK they control!

APRIL VEVEA and Marijane P. Gray both of Immortal Marilyn defame Jason Kennedy and Mary Sims the owner of “Immortal Marilyn” continues to allow it to happen!

Marijane Grey is harassing Jason Kennedy AGAIN over some picture she thinks is hers. Defaming this family is going to get you nowhere Marijane Grey.



april defaming jason


Immortal Marilyn admins and contributor’s:

The following list of names are people who are affiliated with and/or are staff of Immortal Marilyn and Marilyn Remembered. The highlighted individuals are actively trying to suppress Marilyn Monroe’s family from going public. 

Mary Sims -owner

Leslie Kasperowicz

Shaney Evans

Rebecca Swift

Lorraine Nicol

Fraser Penney

Tara Hanks

Betsy Brett

Claire Stevenson

Jackie Craig

Marijane Gray

Marisa Monroe

Jackie Cooney

April VeVea – IM Twitter Manager

Aimee Wright

Ron Steens

Heidi Starr

 Greg Schreiner

Lukasz Sikora

This proves to Jason and Jennifer that the Immortal Marilyn nor Marilyn Remembered fan clubs do not care about Marilyn Monroe.

Their professed love for Marilyn is a not legitimate.

You would think they would be interested in finding out new family information on Marilyn.

They do not care about new family information that counters the narrative.

They see Jason Kennedy as a threat to the narrative they control and continue to defame him.

The following is an example how this group is promoting their own books and using disingenuous ways to promote these books. The Immortal Marilyn fan club is giving the false impression that the “GENERAL PUBLIC” is voting five stars for this particular book. In other words, they are not voting based on the merits of the book, but on the profit they can generate. Further, when they demonstrate that they are actively defaming Marilyn Monroe’s relatives and actively defaming Jason Kennedy’s book, that certainly speaks volumns about their character and the game they are playing.


April VeVea is the “author” and the book that  ‘Immortal Marilyn‘ chose to promote:


Marilyn Monroe: A Day In The Life


april vevea ten percent


The following Amazon FIVE STAR reviews are from those members who are either closely tied to the group or those acting as community “experts” for the fan club. You will find their names in the book and they all are a part of IMMORTAL MARILYN fan club.

 Mary Sims

There you go… a major biased review since Mary Sims is the owner and April VeVea is an Administrator. They BOTH are profiting off of this book. Update: Amazon removed this review by Mary Sims. Mary Sims banned Jason Kennedy from Immortal Marilyn to suppress the information we are releasing to the public.

Leslie K



Marijane Grey


Jackie Cooney


 Jason Kennedy and Jennifer are dumbfounded. They release the first Marilyn Monroe biography that places Gladys Monroe (and Norma Jeane) in the context of all of her aunts and uncles and all of her first cousins and more. A book that overturns 50 years of biographical lies. Yet ‘Immortal Marilyn’ claims to love Marilyn Monroe, but they deny and denigrate ‘Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.’ And further, they not only support, but critically acclaim a poorly written simplistic book that adds nothing new to Marilyn’s story. In addition, they are being paid profits from that book.


Marilyn Monroe: A Day In The Life opens by reporting that April Vevea is a new breed of investigative journalist. However, “Marilyn Monroe: A Day In The Life” is not an investigative book. There is really no commentary nor in-depth analysis in this book. The descriptions for every event listed in the book are short and offer no great investigative insight. Therefore the forward of “Marilyn Monroe: A Day In The Life” is not only misleading, it is wrong.

Specific Examples that demonstrate no investigative commentary:


 CLAIM: April Vevea states that on 5/23/1933 Gladys “regains custody” of Norma Jeane.

ANALYSIS: Gladys NEVER lost her parental rights of Norma Jeane.  And further WHY would she need to “REGAIN” custody at this particular date? There was NO reason to lose custody at this date. According to public official reports and an interview with Ida Bolender, both Gladys and Norma Jeane were BORDERS at Ida Bolenders home. Please see our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History for documentation to support this fact.


CLAIM: April VeVea states that Della Mae Monroe (Marilyn’s grandmother) attempted to smother an infant Norma Jeane in late July 1927.

ANALYSIS: Childhood repressed memory research demonstrates that, while possible, it is difficult to ascertain the accuracy of early childhood memories. The American Psychological Association admits that, “the mechanism(s) by which both of these phenomena happen are not well understood and, at this point it is impossible, without other corroborative evidence, to distinguish a true memory from a false one.”

This even becomes more problematic since Lee Strasberg was attempting to explore Marilyn’s “repressed memories” during Method Acting training.”

In this case, Norma Jeane was approximately 13 months old and was still considered an infant. Therefore to draw any conclusions, even if Marilyn stated this as an adult, is not trustworthy based on lack of corroborating evidence and the influence of Lee Strasberg and the Freudian Psychotherapist. Please see our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History for perspective on this event.


CLAIM: April VeVea leaves out important family details that occurred in 1927. 

ANALYSIS: Many of the close family members were living in Hawthorne along with Marion Monroe, Gladys Monroe and Norma Jeane. Please see our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History for OFFICIAL PROBATE RECORDS for Charlotte Virginia (Jennie) NANCE (Marilyn Monroe’s great grandmother).

CLAIM: April VeVea states that on 6/24/1962 Bobby Kennedy goes to her home.


ANALYSIS: There is no evidence for this conspiracy theory claim. The Kennedy’s were not involved in Marilyn Monroe’s death. Please see our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History. We demonstrate with evidence who cocooned Marilyn Monroe, who had the means and motive to financially extort her and murder her.




Documenting the Immortal Marilyn SCAM.


BEWARE of these websites and facebook pages affiliated with the Immortal Marilyn and Marilyn Remembered SCAM:


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