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HOGAN, Tilford Marion

HOGAN Tilford Marion

Date of birth : Feburary 24, 1851, Adams County, (Illinois).

Date of death: May 29, 1933, Laclede, Linn County, Missouri.

He is Marilyn Monroe’s maternal Great Grandfather.

He is Father of Della Mae Monroe (Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother) and grandfather of Gladys Monroe (Marilyn Monroe’s mother).

He was son of farmer George Willis Hogan and Sarah Ann Owen.

His brothers and sisters were Mary Ann Hogan (She is listed on the headstone of her brother Tilford as Mary A. Mahurin), John F. Hogan, William Jasper Hogan, Newton Hogan, Amanda Elizabeth Hogan, Stephen Arnold Douglas Hogan, Rosa Bell Hogan, and Harriette Hogan.

In 1870, aged 18, he married Charlotte Virginia (Jenny) Nance ; they lived in the county of Barry (Missouri); they had 5 children.




Tilford Marion Hogan



Lois Banner wrote in her biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox, “Tilford Hogan was an itinerant farm laborer who worked long hours for low wages, following the harvests and doing odd jobs.”

Ted Schwarz wrote in his biography Marilyn revealed : the ambitious life of an American icon, “Tilford Marion Hogan was typical of Norma Jean’s ancestors. He was an uneducated Missouri day laborer who supported his family with a strong back and muscular arms, working the land, taking whatever jobs he could find and using his spare time to pursue the dream of a life of scholarly reflection and good works.”

Donald Spoto wrote in his biography Marilyn Monroe: The Biography “…his entire adult life was blighted by severe rheumatoid arthritis and chronic respiratory infections, conditions exacerbated by hard labor, poor diet and a ceaseless rhythm of poverty.”


These biographers fabricated and exaggerated Marilyn Monroe’s story.

The following newspaper clipping begins to describe a different man. Marilyn Monroe’s great grandfather, Tilford Marion Hogan was appointed as a Municipal Judge. He is named as T.M. Hogan.





To find out who Tilford Marion Hogan was see our book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History.


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