Steens, Ron

The website is caught suppressing dialong to support the Immortal Marilyn Scam.

The following thread documents the defamation of Jason Kennedy by Ron Steens, a member of Immortal Marilyn.


The following post was removed by a moderator




Ron Steens facebook profile:



Profile for Ron Steens on   


The following post was deleted from, according to a moderator, for being “abusive to a member.”

Does this post seem abusive to a member?



My post was replaced with:





Ron Steens responded:



Unfortunately, suppressed my response by locking this thread. However, my response is as follows:

So it is ok for you Ron Steens go around calling me a liar and a con artist on just your good word and then you jump on this thread and have the nerve to lecture me?!





Ron Steens on Amazon: 









Let me give you some wisdom… NO, it is NOT acceptable for you to call me a liar and con artist and then tell me I have major issues when you cannot even counter any of my evidence. None of you at Immortal Marilyn, being the self-described experts that you claim to be, can provide any evidence that my sources are inaccurate, fraudulent, or otherwise deceiving.

In fact, I am waiting… still waiting… my good word is in the evidence I can provide the public and your good word is calling me a liar at face value and then telling me that I have the problem….. Mark my word, I will go right for you every time I hear of you calling me a liar…. put up or STFU!

I have had it with your group of hitmen and intend to expose your disgusting behavior to the public. Not only has the Strasberg’s and the Freudians hi-jacked my cousin, but so have you and the Immortal Marilyn marketing department.


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