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HOGAN, Ethel Josephine

Ethel Josephine Hogan She is Della Mae Monroe‘s first cousin. She married Dr. Joseph Pette Copp. Dr. Copp was a Dentist. Dr. Joseph Pettee Copp was born in Los Angeles, California September 4, 1881. He was the son of Andrew James Copp Sr. and Carrie Pettee Bostwick. Andrew James Copp Sr. was a lawyer. Among his many accomplishments he was… Read more →

HOGAN, Tilford Marion

HOGAN Tilford Marion Date of birth : Feburary 24, 1851,¬†Adams County, (Illinois). Date of death: May 29, 1933,¬†Laclede, Linn County, Missouri. He is Marilyn Monroe’s maternal Great Grandfather. He is Father of Della Mae Monroe (Marilyn Monroe’s grandmother) and grandfather of Gladys Monroe (Marilyn Monroe’s mother). He was son of farmer George Willis Hogan and Sarah Ann Owen. His brothers… Read more →

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