The Actor

Thousands of women per year who enter into the acting profession will receive some form of Stanislavsky-based training. A systemic problem that has existed as part of the industry is the exploitation of women. Rosemary Malague points this out in her book “An Actress Prepares:Women and “the method” “. She states that, “the acting coach or director frequently serves as an all-knowing guru for whom the performer must be absolutely vulnerable (opening the way to both psychological and sexual exploitation)”.


In front of the camera, Marilyn Monroe became the archetype of the blonde bombshell that defined the era of the 1950’s. However, behind the scenes, Marilyn Monroe became the archetype for what can go wrong in student teacher relationships as describe by Malague. Lee Strasberg exploited his relationship with Marilyn by using highly manipulative techniques that crossed the line of legality. Nevertheless, this section will be used to explore the issues of actor training and things to keep in mind before you enter into the dynamics of learning how to act. Learning acting should not subject you to manipulative people who use Pavlovian techniques to coerce you into unwanted situations.

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